garden plan and elevations prepared for planning application

Planning Application - a field becomes an extensive garden

A carefully prepared Change of Use planning application justified the proposed development of farmland as a new domestic garden. My design drawings explained the project in sufficient detail to satisfy the local planning authority, whose conditional Planning Approval released the half acre field for development as an ambitious garden with essential timber buildings.

view of grazing field before it became a garden

The former grazing field

My clients had acquired this area of grazing field to extend their property's original garden ground. The land was needed to realise their horticultural ambition - the creation of a handsome large garden.

view across garden to Scottish Borders landscape

The garden in the landscape

To preserve the expansive southerly views across Scottish Borders farmland, the design carefully integrates the new garden with the surrounding landscape. Contained within a new native-species perimeter hedge, the garden includes a formal lawn beyond its layered planting of shrubs, choice trees and perennial flowers.

flowers and foliage in garden border

Plant form and colour

When designing this large garden, I considered the visual effects of distance and scale. Plant structure, textural qualities and seasonal colours are deployed boldly to be legible from afar, while some distant areas of the garden remain hidden from view, inviting exploration and discovery.

straight whinstone path to timber greenhouse

Convenient footpaths, greenhouse & shed

The extensive garden's walking surfaces and structures are welcoming and generous in scale. The conveniently positioned greenhouse and shed were built together as an attractive unified timber structure of an appropriate scale for the setting. Paths are edged in 'hand-waled' whin stones and surfaced with whin chips, all sourced economically from the local quarry.

larch shed behind garden shrubs

Settling in

After two summers the plants are well established, the timber buildings are silvering, and the new garden has acquired some sheltered corners.

self-build timber shed 15m2

Shed construction...

I designed the 15m2 timber shed as a self-build project for my client. Materials were sourced from local timber specialists and assembled following my detailed construction drawings. The rainscreen is of Borders larch heartwood, just tall enough to receive the Thermowood® greenhouse delivered and erected by its specialist manufacturer.

paved patio with table, chairs, benches

Paved patio

Close to the kitchen, this convenient patio space comfortably accommodates a large hardwood table and the timber trellis panels which double as supports for airing laundry.

view across the completed developing garden

The developing garden

In this generous garden, plant species are grouped together as multiples, appropriate in scale and convenient to maintain. In mixed planting groups species with varied growth rates need more intervention to maintain their intended balance.

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